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Carmen Jorda Unveiled as latest Face of adidas by Stella McCartney

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Source: Carmen Jorda Unveiled as latest Face of adidas by Stella McCartney

Carmen Jorda shares her excitement for the collaboration:
“I am so proud to have joined the adidas by Stella McCartney family. I work in a very male-dominated industry, so I constantly have to prove I deserve to be where I am. “I love the challenges that brings me because when I do succeed, it’s so much more rewarding​”. I think it’s important to encourage women to push themselves to carve out their own paths and I look forward to doing that with adidas by Stella McCartney.” 

I’m sure Adidas isn’t sending someone to the site to check up on me, but this is finally something I can get excited about and share. Carmen Jorda is the latest face of adidas, but it took Stella Mc Cartney to make it happen. It will be interesting to see if Stella can pull off making a sneaker for one of the WNBA players (ahem Candace Parker) named after said player, but in the meantime I will take this as a concession of sorts for the lack of promotion of women ATHLETES from the Three Stripes. Click the source link to read about this recent addition to the brand.

I have to add this in also because I just wrote an article stating that Adidas will be in trouble because they are losing the NBA and will have to push heavy into individual endorsers and this will be a costly venture. If Adidas continues to make these type of decisions then they will definitely keep chipping away at that Nike lead a lot more than I’ve given them credit for.

P.S. I hope this lights a fire under UA and Nike and we begin to see more women ATHLETES (not social media models/influencers) earn endorsements.