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CLAE Drops Its First Shoes Made For Women

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Source: Sleek LA Shoe Brand Clae Is Now Making Stylish Sneakers For All – Uncover Los Angeles

I’ve been covering CLAE for a while. The sneaker company has been around since the early 2000’s. I remember when they made what was basically a skate shoe. I actually had a few pair that I wore to work in and they matched my khakis perfectly keeping me fresh in front of my students who would ask “what are those” but not in that asshole way that idiots are doing now.

The company took a hiatus and returned a few years back with a more upscale and trendy look. I’m saying it here CLAE was actually the company that coined the phrase athleisure in the mainstream. They were the first company that decided your kicks should be able to transition from biking or walking to the boardroom. The styles were classic but fresh.

Interesting enough, they predicted the trend of retro casual that is occurring now, but they have never really gotten the credit.

Now the brand is jumping into making shoes for women. After 16 years this is their first collection that isn’t a scaled down version of the men’s shoes. Check out these photos I found while browsing. The only issue I see is taking the classic retro Stan Smith looking and placing a 140 price tag on it. I know that brands like Common Projects do this all of the time, but it becomes a hard sale to a new person. Maybe the goal is to get the traditional CLAE lover. You know, aim towards your market and stay there. If someone else moves towards you then cool. If not, cool.