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CLAE Spring and Summer 2017 Collection

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Source: CLAE

I often return to CLAE when I feel that I’m covering the same brands over and over. While there is zero acknowledgement from the brand for my short posts, I still think it’s important to remind you out there that other brands are on trend and creating classic footwear although they don’t have the history that Puma, Nike and adidas have.

I mean think about this, Under Armour has seriously under utilized the UAS line to capture a share of this current retro inspired market and here is a small Cali based brand taking retro running and classic tennis footwear, building premium styles and launching a spring and summer lookbook that is eye catching and stylish as f– fine leather sofas.

I have a serious attachment to many of these because the first shoe I designed when I started ARCH was a perforated spin off of the Stan Smith. CLAE gets it, and you should take a second to browse through more pics of their lookbook and consider adding a pair to your grown man/woman collection. Yeah I know it looks a lot like Common Projects, but do your math and see who was on the scene first.