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Cleveland Beats Boston in NBA Opener and LeBron’s Nike Jersey Rips

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I’m sitting at the computer raving about the Nike commercial that aired (I didn’t get to see it because I’m watching the game on TNT OT on the site). I’m discussing and writing this great article about how Nike’s marketing team gets that the NBA x Nike campaigns can really generate some serious heat and then it happens again. I’m not keeping count, but this is the second time I’ve seen the new Nike jersey rip. Tyler Ennis’ jersey ripped and the entire number was hanging.

It’s not a good look for the brand and someone in design is probably pulling their hair out right now, or being fired. I don’t recall at any point during adidas’ long run that a jersey ripped apart. If someone can remind me of a time that an adidas jersey rip happened I’d appreciate it. Twice in less than a month for Nike… suspect manufacturing… real suspect. If I’m adidas I’m throwing some shade in the Twitter room just for the petty of it.