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Consignment Stores Like Flight Club May Soon Be Fossils | Video

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Housakicks TV dropped a really interesting question on me and we created a video discussing why starting a consignment shop is not a good idea anymore. He also explains how Flight Club may be the last of its kind because the consignment shop has been disrupted by apps like GOAT and websites like StockX. It’s a good discussion, check it out.

Video time: 17 minutes

Video Description:

The title may surprise many but the once glorious Flight Club may soon give way to more dynamic marketplaces for very simple reasons. I’ll actually just give you my own personal experience with Flight Club for a better illustration. I sold a total of 63 pairs with them in 3 years I believe, and they had the fastest turnaround I had ever witnessed at the time; not only that but I used to get twice as much money for the sneakers I sent them- that was the golden era. To this day I still can’t fathom why people won’t just buy directly from my own website but rather pay $50 to $150 more to buy the same shoe on my eBay store or elsewhere ( Flight Club) because it’s safer ( which to me doesn’t make any sense because all my transactions are via paypal)

0:04 Intro
1:07 Tayib explains what a consignment store is
3:52 Tayib’s Flightclub experience
6:05 Chris’ take on consignment
10:30 Is It Smart To send your shoes to consignment shop
13:00 Advice to young resellers/ concluding thoughts