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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star x Nike Flyknit | Dope But 110?

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Source: Converse Chuck Taylor All Star x Nike Flyknit High Top Unisex Shoe.

I wrote an article last year where I explained that the price increase on Flyknit and shoes made with the material wasn’t really valid.

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If you take a moment and read that article you will get an understanding of why Flyknit, Primeknit, EvoKnit and every other knit really isn’t a reason to jack the price of a shoe up. If anything it should reduce the overall cost of a shoe.

I still believe this. Until someone sits down and makes me understand why these models should cost more I will continue to write articles like this. The Chuck is a classic kick and is legendary and timeless. It continues to sell at amazing numbers and the updates to it often leave people questioning why mess with a classic.

I realize that canvas and rubber aren’t as expensive as Lunarlon and Flyknit, but a 55.00 dollar to 110.00 dollar increase? Is Flyknit really worth 25 along with Lunarlon at 25? I don’t think so. If the shoe would have been 90.00 I actually think it would have been a better look. As a matter of fact the market agrees.

On eBay right now there are 90 listings of Chuck Taylor Flyknit with zero shoes sold. It should be noted that everyone is attempting to get above retail prices which hinders the sale, but I think that if this model is going to do well it will be because it is limited in distribution. What do you think? I really do like the style and the look, but double the money? Maybe…