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Crocs closing 160 stores 

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Add another retailer’s name to list of those closing locations.Crocs Inc. said it will close 160 stores – about 28 percent of its locations – in the wake of falling revenues.

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Complete disclosure: I’ve never owned a pair of Crocs. It didn’t matter how comfortable anyone ever explained they were, I just didn’t want to have what looked like prison gear on.

I didn’t want them in the house, I didn’t want them with a mouse (or alligator/crocodile). I could not stand them in blue or green, I could not stand Crocs, is this mean?

No, it’s not. The market in my mind was small for Crocs although it wasn’t. The company was doing over 200 million until the recent loss of 48 million in sales. Crocs suffers from a shifting demographic that has actually hurt performance shoes. This is not just a plastic slip on related problem.

People are looking athletic, but wearing what’s comfortable and stylish vs sliding on a pair of running shoes or Crocs to leave the house. The fashion trend of Crocs doesn’t sync with jogger pants or sportswear and there are only so many doctors and nurses who need that quick access that a pair of Crocs gives.

There was a company that attempted to make a more modern Croc that looked athletic, Crosskix. They ran two successful Kickstarter campaigns, but the feedback is horrible on the site. There is a market for something that looks like a sports shoe, but performs like a Croc if the product is created with care, but I don’t see brighter days ahead as the trend is with style and comfort over comfort.