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Diadora S8000 ITA “Japanese Military Camo” | Hanon

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Source: Diadora S8000 ITA “Japanese Military Camo” | Hanon

In the 90s there was a real sense of adventure in sneakers. I mean I was a black guy from Memphis, hanging out in the streets of Singapore, rocking Saucony and Diadora tennis apparel. Yep, I was on some serious mix and match outfits, but you could get away with it.

I was actually wearing Ellesse as well. No one was dissing or laughing at the footwear of choice. Most people would ask, in the words of Bobbito, “Where’d you get those?”

At that time Nike wasn’t the Nike we all know now so the brand diversity was bananas and it made sneaker culture an element of Hip-Hop that added to the flavor.

I haven’t posted much on Diadora on the site and that’s a shame. I ran across this post on Hanon and immediately thought, people need to see this, so I pulled a source link from the Hanon site and I’m throwing one more shot below. Click through to the source and check out more pics. This colorway isn’t blowing me away, but it’s all about sneaker diversity.

It’s all about diversity, period.