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Diadora Summer 2017 via Packer Shoes

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Summer brings three silhouettes of vintage Diadora styling in clean colorways. Two Game Low Waxed colorways reinvigorate the 70s classic tennis model with custom waxed-treated outsoles and full gra…

Source: Diadora SU17 Drop 1

Straight up… (in my Ghostface voice) Memphis simply isn’t known as a place where dudes diversify their sneaker closet. It’s a simple reason why… Memphis is Nike and Nike is Memphis. With 5 different Nike facilities in the city someone you know either works for Nike is a relative of someone which means that dudes will visit a local sneaker place to see what released only to walk out and get a friend to hit the Employee store or Clearance store, or Factory Store… Considering Nike has one of each in the city area.

The only shop in Memphis that carried Diadora, well there are actually two know, The Vault (a City Gear subsidiary that has the potential to be a dope ass sneaker shop, but falls short) and Superior (A Village Mart subsidiary). This is to say that there really isn’t a true sneaker shop that understands story telling and delivering the product in a non traditional manner that invites people to come in and want to snapchat or IG the store and their visit.

Talk about missed opportunities. Packer on a different note gets that just dropping the shoe in the store and expecting it to sell doesn’t happen. Packer builds narrative via dope pictures and a blog that delivers the backstory of the product. Use the link to click through and check out more pictures of the upcoming Diadora Summer 2017 drops.