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Dope S–t I Like: BeatsbyJblack

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JBlack (Jimmy Stanford) is a young innovative music producer from Atlanta, Ga. As CEO and Founder of Shadow Black Entertainment, headquartered in the Washi

Source: BeatsbyJblack

Alright, I’ve peeping this dude work his magic on the MPC on Facebook. Now as many articles as I write on CBP about why the hell emcees and djs keep giving their shit away for free on Facebook, I was saying the same thing in my head about this dude.

Now, it seems that using Facebook to gain recognition is a great tool, but in reality I’ve faced an issue that djs and emcees will face and that’s getting people to leave Facebook and getting them to where you can monetize them. Uploading a video to Facebook may get you a lot of views, but it doesn’t pay you a damn penny. If someone buys a beat, or books you for a show then you win, but that’s waiting on potential money. It’s hard to make money in music today and artists have to start using the platforms that make them any money they can get.

JBlack just launched his YouTube channel which means I can finally write this post about dude because I refused to direct what few people I reach with this post to his Facebook page where he couldn’t at least make a penny.

Dude is dope and the smile is an effing brand. Keep slapping the MPC and sharing dope as beats. I hope your YouTube page grows the same way as your Facebook page has.

JBlack’s Website To Purchase Beats

JBlack’s YouTube to watch