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Dope S–t I Like: Bobbito Garcia and Puma Unveil their take on the Clyde

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Bobbito Garcia will never stand in line to buy sneakers. He will, however, make sneakers that you may just stand in line for.

Source: Bobbito Garcia and Puma Unveil their take on the Clyde

Simply because this post shouldn’t only exist on Vogue, I’m not knocking Vogue, I have to share this here on ARCH. Bobbito has been a legend in the sneaker world forever. He has always helped me with various ventures and through him I was able to sponsor the Puerto Rican Legends with Sho-Shot and get featured in Coach Couch and Bobbito’s “Bounce” Magazines.

Like Bobbito I’m not new to this sneaker thing. Also, as a Knicks fan, seeing the Puma Clyde get some lovely new colors from the king of Fresh, is really dope. Use the source link to view the post and take a look at the kicks below.

Just a reminder that I’m not new to this, a little sneaker history to me from Kool Bob Love:

bobbito dvd

As always I wouldn’t be the sneaker professor if I didn’t give you a link to some Puma Clyde’s for the low: