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Dope S–t I Like: Brooklane Music | ReverbNation

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When Hip-Hop is embedded so deep into your DNA that you continue to create and represent the culture without regard to notoriety that’s when you know that it’s “Bigger Than Hip-Hop”. I’ve been following Bennie Herron for a very long time. In my mind he hasn’t broken through because the dots haven’t connected and he has always been ahead of his time and not of the moment. Every now and then I’m reminded of how important his music is, so whenever I see it, I share it. You can listen to Dream On up there on YouTube. It’s one of the dopest and most powerful songs created. You can also pick up The Decade Sessions in one of the few places to buy I’ve found is below. You can stream this album below on the media player. Pick up some of that and listen.

The Decade Sessions:

Churches and Liquor Stores:

The Website: