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Dope S–t I Like: CRDWN

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CRDWN Footwear | California formal inspired footwear designed for the progressive man.

Source: CRDWN

Pronounced (kowrd-wey-ner), I still can’t quite figure out how to pronounce it… okay I just googled it and figured it out and of course I’m slightly embarrassed since I’m a shoe maker as well and I didn’t know how to pronounce it.

Anyway, I hadn’t done a Dope ish post in a minute, but today while I was on Facebook chatting with a peer I saw this ad on the sidebar. I didn’t want to click it because I know how much it sucks to lose money on a click when there isn’t a conversion of any kind, but I kept trying to make out what the pic was. I immediately thought it was Clae or ohw? but the shortened version of Cordwainer was something I hadn’t seen, so I clicked it.

Once I clicked it I was like, damn, this is kind of dope. The athleisure market is somewhere I’ve attempted to be, but my manufacturers simply can’t translate my drawings into reality. The ARCH TR-114, Allen and Tori were all attempts at getting in on this market, but with CRDWN, Clae and Gourmet, it seems that the market is doing very well and people are doing a great job translating so it’s my job to talk about the new brands since most sites won’t.

On first glance the shoes look like a mix between the Tubular and Clae, with the outsole and lasting of a Cole Haan, and in my book that’s a win. Mature footwear is definitely needed so I’m sharing this so you can be introduced to the brand. Here is the contact info and few more pics.

Website: the social buttons for the company are at the bottom of the page.