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Dope S–t I Like – Fashion: Ikiré Jones – African aesthetics with Neapolitan tailoring

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15400_575642072461749_1663093882_n10535742_978082692217683_5581456255376561135_oAlthough I am the father of two and a husband, and a small biz person who rarely has the chance to pull out apparel that is art, doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate well designed, tailored clothing. I expect that most men don’t want to look like Al Bundy (rocking the wool trousers pulled up over the belly with a white collared shirt from K-Mart, hand tucked in the waist, with black shoes and white socks). It’s just that our lives kind of take over and we find ourselves not shopping for us, but for everyone else in the family. Our kids look fantastic, and our wives make other men look at us like, “Damn, she married down.”

Deep in our souls we want to look like the stylish gentlemen we actually are. Ikiré Jones is attempting to help us get there. A perfect alignment of talents created the brand. In Hip-Hop the DJ and Emcee combine to create music that is descended from the African drum. In Ikiré Jones the DJ and Emcee consists of “designer/afrobeat musician/attorney Walé Oyéjidé, and bespoke tailor Samuel Hubler”. The two have generated an art that is eye catching and captures the rich heritage of African aesthetics, think mudcloth and indigo meets bespoke. Thus far the brand has released a Fall/Winter 13 and a Spring/Summer 14 line.

I guess what I’m moving towards is this, women we don’t choose to look like we do. Our looks are de facto. We wake up in the morning and do the work that has to be done. We want to wear things that are high quality and stylish, but we don’t know when and where to buy these items. I’m making men sound like lost puppies; and in trying to speak for all men, I may be overstepping my boundaries. Then again, maybe not. I think we all want to be Ikiré Jones men. If you’ve been looking for something for your husband/male friend (clears throat) take a long look at this pic and then think about that Old Spice commercial, “This could be your man…” Now click through and consider grabbing something dope for that guy who needs to refresh his wardrobe, or at least share this article with him so he can do it himself.

Fall 13 Photography by David Evan McDowell