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Dope S–t I Like: MENS INFINITY 2.0 | STONE WHITE – Cortica Footwear®

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Source: MENS INFINITY 2.0 | STONE WHITE – Cortica Footwear®

I have to keep it real, I had a difficult time adding this to the Dope S–t I Like list, because I don’t really know the brand. However, I’ve added companies that I haven’t heard of before. It’s just this kick actually looks too close to a couple of releases and it bothered me for a moment. Then I realized that style is a matter of preference. I may not want to wear adidas. I mean when you consider my shoe looks like a New Balance, I don’t have much of a place to judge.

Anyway, this is my introduction to Cortica. Shout out Hypebeast for the discovery. I’m really interested in what anyone who sees this thinks. I like this colorway. The shoe does look very familiar with it’s use of woven material and mesh as well as the cut, but it’s not a bad look. Here are more pics below. Use the source link to discover more.