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Dope S–t I Like – Music: Fantastic Negrito

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downloadAlright, last year Sons Of Anarchy was ending and (spoiler alert for whatever person didn’t watch Sons) Clay had gotten killed. The show was coming to an end and I was like, “Damn! Ron Perlman aka Beast aka Hellboy aka Clay Morrow is my favorite actor…what the hell am I going to do now?” Low and behold Amazon Prime is launching pilots. One of those pilots is Hand of God featuring my main man Ron Perlman! Below is an acoustic on the streets of Oakland and then the lyric video of the theme song.

Buy this EP ASAP and then get mad and follow Fantastic and tell him to make a longer album! This dude has one of the most amazing stories, but he has an equally amazing style. It’s a beautiful form of blues-rock and soul that reminds all of us that music has healing power when it comes from the gut.

Oh and he is one of the most active dudes on Twitter so when you tweet him, expect a reply. Twitter  and subscribe to the Youtube by clicking through on the video link above. Thank me later.