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Dope S–t I Like – Music: J Rawls

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51Hx6LDqqAL._SX450_In the world of beat makers people typically say J Dilla, DJ Premier and Madlib are the epitome, but if there is a person who should ascend to the throne it’s J Rawls. The Ohio born beat maker is one of the dopest dudes to ever sit down with an MPC and turntables. There comes a moment when a person who is talking about something doesn’t need to write anything at all. They simply need to post a link, ask you to open a new window and let this play in the background from beginning to end. That’s what I’m doing. Instead of leaving all of the contact info I’m also requesting that you get your ass off of Facebook and google his website and link with him on all of his outlets as well as go to one of his sites or click below and buy some shit by J Rawls.