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Dope S–t I Like – Music: Something About You – Zo and Tigallo

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love_the_80's_smThere is a point when those of us who love sneakers start getting older and we have to show our age. We also begin to admit that we listen to more than Hip-Hop… that’s not such a bad thing considering the direction of mainstream Hip-Hop. As a fan of Little Brother when I first discovered +The Foreign Exchange through the album Connected, I was already a fan of Phonte as an emcee, but to discovered dude could sing was something different and basically confirmed my thoughts that Hip-Hop hides some of the most talented people in the industry because there are parameters placed on the music. It can’t be this, it can’t be that. That just isn’t true. I say this to discuss the fact that as I get older I appreciate good music more and more. When I was younger and MTV actually played videos there were songs that I didn’t get, but now that I’m older I appreciate how timeless those cuts are.

One of those songs is Level 42’s Something About You which was dope then, but when people from one of my favorite groups put a spin on it (By the way this spin happened almost 8 years ago) you get something special. Zo! one of the members of Foreign Exchange dropped this mixtape project with Phonte and what happened on the whole damn thing is pure magic. I was reminded of this when he began posting his discography on Facebook a few weeks ago. He posted the download link and I went into awwwwwwwww shiggity mode.

That’s enough of my gushing (pause) here is the link for the download if you dig 80s and 90s joints and aren’t ashamed of it.  Bump this in your car:

For right now though, click play and groove with this in the background while you work.