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Dope S–t I Like – Music: Wax Tailor feat. Voice – The Games You Play

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1284602275796_fI don’t know a lot about Wax Tailor, but I did take the time to google him and visit his website. I found out that I’ve been missing this dude for almost ten years. Sometimes when you get caught up in the East Coast, West Coast, South runs Hip-Hop, you forget there is another world out there and that Tricky really opened the door for UK Hip Hop, which led to Portishead, which influenced RZAs production and in turn generated French Hip-Hop in the 90s and the door has been open since then and some really dope work comes through. Like most of us I’m listening to Pandora while I’m running and boom Wax Tailor shows up and stops my run immediately. I have to like the song and write down the name because I’m thinking, “Man, this is dope!” That’s where we are now, so I’m sharing this with you. Let me know if you like it.