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Dope S–t I Like: The Gift of Gab of Blackalicious – Patreon

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I guess it’s no secret that I’m a ridiculous Hip-Hop head. As the owner of a small label imprint I’ve dedicated a lot of my life to trying to promote musicians. I first ran across Blackalicious back when I was living in Cali. There is one track I always revert to when someone brings up the crew and that’s “Make You Feel That Way”. I think it was featured on the Brown Sugar soundtrack and at the time I was like these dudes are gonna do something big. The group remained underground though and as far as I’m concerned the West Coast in me places them in the same category as Bay Area artists like Freestyle Fellowship and LootPack. Important emcees that are relatively unknown to the US but making hella noise outside of the country.

Now, I wrote all of that to say that I follow Blackalicious/Gift of Gab on Twitter. He just hipped me to his Patreon via DMs and I’m sharing it with you guys. I first heard of Patreon when an artist I admire so much that I bought his website for him (he paid me back), launched his own Patreon. That artist is Brandon Meeks (

Here is a short explanation of what Patreon is, the site basically allows artist to offer subscribers music, inside looks at recording sessions and different things for a monthly fee. You can pay what you want and in the process you might make the website or the album notes (do people still have those?). It’s a dope way to get music every month if you don’t have the time to do a lot of shopping. Peep the video below and take a minute if you love real Hip-Hop and subscribe. Before you ask me if I subscribed, I haven’t, but every dollar I have is going into CBP Music and the work on the next Vince Allen Project and the Nic White Project. What I am doing is creating this post on my website/network which garners over 100,000 visits per month and unlike Facebook or IG or any other social media platform, this post will be indexed and available for as long as the site is active and it’s been active for over 13 years.

Anyway, peep the vid and support by sharing or subscribing. Gift of Gab is dope. Gift of Gab on Patreon