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Dope S–t I Like: Why Nike Kicks A–

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12 Soles celebrates silhouettes that define the past, present and future of basketball. Sneakers within the assortment will be available beginning December 3 from Nike+ SNKRS and select retailers.

Source: Nike News – Nike+ SNKRS Presents 12 Soles

The last year has not been kind to Nike Basketball. On this site I’ve continuously discussed the fall of the segment and how it has affected overall sales. I’ve also stated that Nike’s fall presented an opportunity for other brands to takeover basketball. Well other brands are completely content with  recapturing the market through running, casual and retro. No one really seems to be interested in Basketball. I guess the sentiment is that if Nike is struggling, why would waste our time?

Stupid ass sentiment. I know the market is currently down on basketball, but I wrote this a week ago and I stand by it. Basketball is going to bounce back a lot sooner than anyone thinks. Nike however isn’t waiting. They are generating campaigns that will reignite interest in their signature models and classic basketball styles. This is what makes Nike a kick ass company. They get it and they are will to spend the dough to recreate an interest. Check out their latest campaign 12 Soles by clicking the source link. Here are few pics before you go.

I have a feeling the Air Jordan XXX1 is going to do very well, very, very, very well and that the Nike X-Mas pack won’t be a dud as it was last year. What is interesting here is that the LeBron sig is nowhere to be seen. Hmmmmm