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Dope S–t I Like: Yeezy Boost As Art

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Shane Griffin made a 1:1 replica of the shoe on 3D-printed resin material. The sculpture makes for a distorted version of a Yeezy Boost Sneaker.

Source: Yeezy Boost Sneaker Turned Into A Real-Life Optical Illusion

I thought this imagery discovered through PSFK would generate a little bit of interest. I’m always astonished by the way others interpret things. Art is life, and art imitating life is the constant discussion. What exactly do I see when I look at this? From the sneakerheads POV, it is the twisting and torquing being done to pick up a pair of the coveted Yeezy Boost. The customer has to approach the purchase from different angles, the seller simply has to have an account and the resale customer has to take different approaches to the back door and develop some type of inside out arrangement to try to flip the shoes. Ultimately the shoe is simply a blank slate waiting for people to turn it into either art through fashion, or art through commerce.

Artist: Shane Griffin