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Dope S–t I Like: No Bull Footwear and Apparel

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Granted I haven’t had a chance to buy a pair or try a pair on, but what I like is the fact that another person saw an opportunity to create a new product and they are going for it. I first spotted NO BULL through an ad on Facebook. My first thought was “uh-oh they must be in trouble and really need to figure out how to sell these shoes.” Since the company is private there isn’t any way to measure what pictures on IG are staged or if people are truly interacting because of the brand or because of the product.

Whatever it is, I understand completely and I wouldn’t be a sneaker business guy if I didn’t introduce it to those who browse this site. With that said, by looking at pictures only, here is why NO BULL has made it to my Dope list:

  1. Someone understands training. When you first look at the shoe and you’re a sneaker guy and an athlete, you notice immediately that the shoe is a zero drop shoe. What does this mean? Nike’s best running shoes are often it’s most minimal. In other words the shoes that people run and work out in are far removed from the “Technology” loaded shoes that they want to charge you 180-200 dollars for. Zero drop is about the height of the shoe from heel to toe. When a shoe is zero drop it allows the foot to act as it would in its natural state. Most people hurt their feet by constantly buying shoes that have a ton of cushion. The cushion prevents the foot from functioning naturally literally causing the foot to “atrophy” for lack of a better word. When the foot doesn’t move naturally it begins to get stiff in certain areas leading to plantar issues and various aches and pains.
  2. They actually waterproofed the joint. When you pay over 75 bucks for a shoe, it makes no sense at all that on the first wear it can be dirty as hell or be ruined by water. Now any shoe can get water on the inside, but using Super Fabric is definitely a good thing. I do have to wonder about the breathability.
  3. I like that they do have a weight training specific shoe that is built on a wooden base for sturdiness. The natural incline of the wood prevents you from having to place a piece of wood, or a box to gain the use of your glutes during a squat.

Overall, I just like the idea that the company is trying. While the shoe has a similar layout to the Roshe and NMD in the big boy brands, a lot of companies are looking at shoes that are seamless. The goal is to try to have as little interference with the movement of the foot as possible. However, I’ve found that strategically placed layers in the upper can help with control and foot movement. Seamless may feel good and seem logical, but in my opinion it creates a bland and boring layout that really doesn’t do anything for your foot except make your foot feel better without socks.

Check out NO BULL by visiting the website:

Here are few more pics:

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