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Election Tuesday: Which Sneaker Stock To Buy?

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Since it’s election day and I have to prepare to stand in a long line, I’m doing an election themed sneaker post to give you options on which sneaker stock you could buy. Like our real election I’m limiting you to three options. Like our election, they all have serious flaws. I’m pulling info from the new Big Three: Adidas, Under Armour and Nike. I will give you three articles to read and drop pics of the three stocks from the last 30 days and finally ask you to vote in the comments. This will require a bit of work since you should read the articles but I will share a short synopsis of each:


Adidas shares dropped after a report from the new CEO that they would not have a similar growth in the next year due to adjustments with Reebok and a continued push to earn more share of the US market.

Under Armour:

This post is discussing the 20% drop in value, but it is actually addressing the fact that shareholders are being short sighted. UA stock has always grown and they have a number of areas to develop. The drop in shares is punishment for UA being a solid growth company.


Nike is having the toughest year of the Big Three, but this article is stating that betting against Nike is foolish.

Real Time Share value in picture form


With this picture as your guide for the last month, who do you choose as your go to stock and why?

Notes: UA is already rebounding from their 20% drop, Adidas had the most growth of all three this year and Nike, as the picture shows is relatively flat although they have lost shares of the market.

Hit the comments if you’re reading and enjoy Super Tuesday!