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Fake Air Jordan 1 Gatorade Lime- Quick Ways To Identify Them

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Originally posted on Housakicks


The Gatorade collection definitely exceeded my expectations, especially the Jordan 1’s. I thought for sure they were going to collect dust on retailers’s shelves but I was absolutely wrong. And I think bootleggers also shared my initial opinions until they saw how well the shoes were doing on marketplaces like eBay or StockX. The reason why i’m saying that is because I didn’t see any Fake air Jordan 1 Gatorade until the shoes were released. Logical reasoning says they must’ve realized that these shoes were worth replicating. Today I came across a fake pair of the Gatorade 1 lime, which is the most limited pair out of the entire pack. The comparison was a bit hard because I didn’t have the shoes on hand; but it’s also very difficult to do because fakes have gotten so much better. With the replica Gatorade 1 lime, spacing, logo placement, holes and their placement weren’t a problem ( basically what i’m saying is they got those right). The major issue was the material used; if you look at all the pictures below, one thing is obvious- on the authentic pair, the texture of the tumble leather is subtle, not very rough and is softer. On the fakes, the texture appears rugged with many wrinkles ( and the wrinkles aren’t subtle). So as you look at the pictures, zero in on the appearance ( texture) of the highlighted areas.

By the way the authentic pair is size 8.5 while the fake pair is a size 8, so use this with discretion and do your own homework.

The stitching is pretty much adjacent to the swoosh logo on the upper part, but look at the stitching on the same area on the fakes ( notice the space/gap)
heel panel ( leather material is softer on the real pair), on the fakes it’s really rough
right pair, same observation as the slide above
Like I said, this will be very repetitive, the leather material is soft and the wrinkles are subtle on the authentic pair
the logo is a bit more tilted on the fakes, and once again look at the texture of the leather material
More apparent wrinkles on the fakes, different materials used

There you have it folks, If I find any other nuances, I’ll update the post, stay tuned.