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Fake Air Jordan 13 Low Brave Blue-Quick Tips To Identify Them

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Originally posted on Housakicks


The air jordan 13 low brave blue will debut officially on April 8 at a retail price of $170. I have seen pictures of early samples from JB and I have also come across pictures from legit sneaker stockists, and the final product looks slightly different from the early sample. The Fake Air Jordan 13 Low Brave Blue are also out; with so many different images,  we are thrown in a pool of confusion and identifying fakes becomes even harder. Here is a quick comparison I did this morning ( I tried my best to find pictures of the finished product).

Check out the cut on the padded lining on the back tab ( see yellow lines and yellow arrow pointing down). The fake pair has a steeper cut compared to the shallower angle on the authentic pair.

You can clearly from the yellow lines that the cut on the lining on the medial side is steeper on the fakes, and much more shallow on the authentic.

The material of the inside lining  is totally different on both pairs; the real pair doesn’t appear to have visible vertical and horizontal lines you see on the fakes. Now the color shade isn’t the same either but that could be due to the lighting.

Portions of the outsole are visible on the authentic pairs, you can clearly see that the shoes are slightly elevated on the back ( check both authentic pairs). But you can barely see the outsole on the back of the fake pair.