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Fake Air Max 1 Atmos Have Emerged- Quick Tips To Spot Them

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Originally posted on Housakicks


The Air Max 1 Atmos was part of the Atmos pack that debuted in march; Nike also released the AM1 individually during the same month. With the way replicas have plagued the sneaker industry, not one single shoe is safe. And now that most rep factories are manufacturing their products with OEM materials, it’s even harder to detect fakes. Jordan retros are by far some of the most replicated shoes in the market; the fake running shoes I’ve seen in the past were very easy to identify. But when I saw the Fake Air Max 1 Atmos yesterday, once again I knew we had a serious problem on our hands. The shoes look pretty good and unless you have an authentic pair next to it, they can be hard to identify. Here is the comparison I did yesterday; the pair you see in the presentation is from the Atmos Jordan pack. The shoes have Jumpman logo on the outsole; the Am1 atmos that released individually doesn’t have any jumpman logo on its outsole.

If you look at the back panel, the “AIR” wording is positioned lower on the authentic pair, and it appears as if the back panel suede overlay is 1.5 inch higher on the fakes.

The outsole has a lighter shade on the fake pair in contrast to the darker shade on the authentic pair.

The textile lining on the authentic pair is round and folds over at its edges in contrast to the lining of the fakes with no apparent folds. Also look at the plastic eyelets, really zero in on them: you’ll notice that there is noticeable gap between the cement print and the eyelet on the authentic but no gap on the fakes ( see yellow arrow pointing up).

Here are more pictures of the fakes I’ve gathered.