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February Nike & Air Jordan Line Up |Your Tax Return Is Very Dear To Nike

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Originally posted on Housakicks


I’ve been quite busy with a lot of household work and finding spare time to write has been darn near impossible.  I was able to carve a little bit of time today and I was led to look at Jordan Brand’s line up for the month of February. Out of the 17 Jordan Retros in the line up, there are only three or four pairs that I think most folks in the sneaker community are going to forbear. Nike brand is as shrewd as a snake and know exactly when to strike. The IRS has announced that tax season will open on Monday, January 23, 2017 and starting on February 1st, JB is unloading a fury of “must have ” retros starting with the BHM Jordan 1 Flyknit and ending on February 27th with another Off White Jordan 1. It’ll be very hard for other brands like Adidas and New Balance to match up Nike’s firepower, they just can’t. There are only so many UB’s and NMD’s Adidas can make, and at this point the Adidas sudden resurgence has hit its peak and is actually declining.

Like I said in the title of the post, your tax return is very dear to Nike; 90% of the shoes in the line up you’ll see below are unlikely to end at the outlets, so prepare your yourselves for action.


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