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FENTY® PUMA® by Rihanna | I Need Clarification

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FENTY® PUMA® and Rihanna introduce their newest collaboration

Source: FENTY® PUMA® by Rihanna

Maybe this is where I need to begin working on adding a woman to the staff, because when I click through on the source link and look at Suspender Sweat Pants for 140.00, it doesn’t matter how much I like fashion, all I see are Short sweats connected to the legs with suspenders which doesn’t make any sense at all.

What’s worse is when I see the Faux Fur Sweatpants for 1200.00…

My first thought is “Cot Damn!!!!!!” let me check eBay and see if this shit is flipping like this.

Fenty Sweatpants aren’t jumping, but they are selling and the shoes are also rolling above retail. Which means that I may need to expand the scope of Should You Buy To Flip? because women love some Rihanna.

Use the Source Link to check out the line.