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Finish Line Inc. Cl A $FINL | Someone Didn’t Get My Message

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Source: Finish Line Inc. Cl A

A few months ago I wrote a predictive article on how Finish Line could get better. I also explained that if Finish Line didn’t adjust they could be headed towards TSA territory. Today their stock tumbled to 13.26 on poor 4th Quarter earnings.

How Finish Line Will Become the Next Big Sneaker Stock

Now, ARCH is a small website. Most people spend time looking at data and trends. I take my experience and I make very calculated suggestions and predictions using the data I have at my disposal. My picks are very good and more often than not I’m exactly right. The goal is to begin reaching these companies so they can listen to me and pivot. Until then I will keep writing.

Finish Line hasn’t fixed any of the things I mentioned in the article above. It appears that their team hasn’t monitored Foot Locker either and implemented enough of the elements that have made FTL successful. What is my projection for Finish Line? If they can begin to implement the small strategies they will begin to bounce back. The problem is big companies are like boulders rolling downhill. Once the momentum in a direction starts, they push forward to the detriment of their own growth.

If the market decides Foot Locker is the retail outlet of choice for sportswear, Finish Line becomes TSA, just like I’ve explained about Hibbett Sports potential failure. Private companies like City Gear will be next in line.