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For Those Who Think Kanye Is The Sole Reason for $ADDYY Growth: 5 Minutes with Till Jagla – size? blog

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Source: 5 Minutes with Till Jagla of adidas Originals – size? blog

The great thing about doing a lot of sneaker research is running across stories about the brands and being able to share them. Last week I was called a “Stan” because I was trying to explain that Kanye wasn’t the sole reason for the success of adidas. Here is a great interview on the size? blog that discussed the growth and movement of EQT for the adidas brand.  What the interview does is establish that the movement of the brand in regard to EQT started really with the 2005 drop of the 91 EQT Support.

The discussion with Till Jagla lays the groundwork for how adidas has been rolling out product and leaning heavily on its portfolio. If you want to improve your arguing/discussion points about adidas’ growth do yourself a favor, take a few minutes and read through this interview especially the part where Till states that adidas is focused on this running movement. It shows that the brand realizes that Feet You Wear isn’t ready for retro because basketball performance isn’t on the rebound. It’s a dope interview.