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Forever Chuck – Converse Calls Out To The Future

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The majority of marketing campaigns can either sink or swim depending on how hard a brand pushes to reach their market. Especially when it comes to the new generation.

You can’t pimp the youth. They are keenly aware of when a brand is attempting to sell them something. They will often push back against traditional advertisement. Consider that tv is a dying medium because no one watches the television when the show airs, they DVR and then fast forward through commercials.

Young people live on their own terms as they are learning about how the world works. Converse is an established brand that came into its own during a variety of counterculture movements. When no one else cared about Chucks, they were kept alive by gang culture. Before gang culture kept the Chuck alive, rock music and punk culture, sans Doc Martens, kept Chucks alive.

The Chuck is a Phoenix and the tree burning possibly symbolizes this and more important it ties the theme of a “State of Emergency” to the next generation. Does this marketing work? The video was posted on March 9th, 2017. Today is March 15th, 2017 and it has over 4 Million views. Compared to New Balance’s #myfutureself campaign at over 200,000 in a comparable amount of time, it’s clear why Converse is reconnecting with their audience. Check out the video below.

YOUTH, now and forever. #ForeverChuck


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