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Dope S–t I Like: Blackspot Unswoosher

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100% vegan.Recycled tire sole.Organic hemp.Union made.Designed by Fluevog. BLACKSPOT IS A RISE TO INDEPENDENCE FROM MEGA-CORPORATIONS. We’ve had enough of corporations buying up the market and constraining us to products A and B—when both serve corporation C. We want choices, not marketing campaigns. We want to support the local efforts of our neighbors, and choose their products: from the local bookstores to the local barbers to the local grocers. These indie initiatives are putting themselves on the frontline against mega-corporations, fighting million-dollar marketing campaigns, and for the mega-corps’ dollar. Ready your Blackspots, and stand with us. Leave a Blackspot on… click source to read more

Source: Blackspot Unswoosher

One of the dopest brands around is based in Canada aye. I mean who knew that the place that produced the NBA Rookie of the Year is also making other things that are dope. Okay, I guess k-os is dope also, but…seriously… a collective of artists who started a magazine company that’s not for profit and also developed an organic shoe named, wait for it, the Unswoosher! Talk about balls.

Now I guess the thing is Nike probably won’t even take notice of the shots fired, but just the idea of being so anti-Nike that you create a shoe that is the direct opposite is a big time move. I’m always interested in how this translates to sales. I have to wonder if they are selling any shoes. It would be great to know if their artistic sensibilities and punk aesthetic is converting footwear fans.

Anyway it goes, this is another brand I’m glad I ran across in my search to profile shoe companies outside of the mainstream. Click on the source link and discover and read more about Blackspot.