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Dope S–t I Like: Greats Brand

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Brooklyn born men’s footwear brand offering classically designed shoes and sneakers with luxury materials starting at $49. Free returns and exchanges.

Talk about paying close attention to a brand… I watch Greats Brand like someone trying to catch their spouse cheating. Greats is a NYC born company that I admire above any of the new brands I’ve discussed on the site. Do I own a pair? No. Why? No real reason at all other than jealousy. I mean coverage on Complex, GQ and every major fashion site is no small feat and when you basically say “eff” the mainstream and go strictly underground, indie without a major endorser and you live…

Shiiiitttt, Greats is the ultimate block boy in the toughest dope game in the land, footwear. So, how does Greats move their product direct to the customer? They have an endless Google campaign and a very active social media platform. The most important aspect is their competitive pricing which is based on the fact that there isn’t a middle man.

I’ve had problems with pricing, but my situation is different. I’m not making as many shoes so my cost per pair is much higher and my brand recognition is low. This means I can’t afford to be affordable although I almost don’t have a choice without being “established”. Get it?

Greats has literally done the impossible. They have made affordability dope. The idea that something that isn’t expensive is cheesy typically goes hand in hand but by carefully crafting their narrative they’ve avoided that comparison and I say Kudos. They’ve even done this while pulling a Gourmet (a brand I haven’t gotten to yet). They have taken silhouettes from “bigger” brands redesigned them and released them with success. They’ve used pop up shops and their own flagship stores to give a foundation to their legitimacy. True G shit!

The more brands out there, the more options, the more people become like they used to be: individual in their fashion sense.