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Guest Lecture at the Fogelman School of Business (U of Memphis)

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Me holding my first sample for ARCH (note the old Apple monitor)
Me holding the Tori sample for ARCH (note the old Apple monitor)

In what has become one of the highlights of my small business experience, I will be guest lecturing at the Fogelman School of Business with Dr. Frances Fabian. The group as always will be a small group of undergraduates majoring in business. I will attempt to keep the cursing down to a minimum and clean up my act while giving what I think is a cool story and maybe a little advice to the next movement of great minds in Memphis. If you’d like to sit in and you’re on campus, swing by. I will have shoe samples and of course statistics and reports, but most importantly I will discuss the highs and lows of launching a business.

What: Guest Lecture at the School of entrepreneurship

Where: University of Memphis Room 261 in FCBE at Central & Patterson

Time: 5:30 pm

Date: November 21st

Points of discussion

I. Introduction: My background and why should anyone listen to me about business

II. What is my business? That’s a good question… It was ARCH but that’s not looking so good anymore. LOL

III. How did I get the money to start my business? I started the race 10 feet behind the starting line

IV. What were the challenges in starting the business? Trying to gain ground  in a market that is monopolized and other points of interest.

V. Why do I think the business has failed/succeeded? – The importance of research and non traditional learning (CB Publishing business) Things don’t fail, they either lack the funding to continue, or lack the ability to transition into a want or need.

VI. What have I learned while operating the business? – The most important lessons Capital and Customers

VII. Has this been worth my time? Definitely, well then again…

VIII. Do I fear not working a traditional job without an option for retirement? Three ways to prepare for retirement: Long term, Long Term, Short Term

IX. What was my biggest setback? Okay let me think about this one…

X. Am I happy? Do I look happy (Old Dirty Bastard facial expression (It’s the 20th Anniversary of Enter the 36 Chambers, what did you expect?)

Here is an earlier lecture and I cover a lot of ground in this so take a few minutes to check it out:

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Chris Burns
Chris Burns
Founder, Writer and Webmaster at ARCH & CBP
Chris B. is the founder of ARCH.

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