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Hershman is Right About 2 Things in ‘UCLA’s Rise Is Good  For Under Armour’ (UAA) | Benzinga

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Source: UCLA’s Rise Is Coming At A Good Time For Under Armour (UAA) | Benzinga

This article gives Under Armour credit for a couple of things written about on ARCH a while back:

Insider Ties: Under Armour x UCLA?

Business Talk: Mega Contracts With Colleges Start to Pinch Under Armour – WSJ

In both of these articles I discussed the importance of signing colleges for UA. In both of these articles I discussed how it meant very little for the branding of Under Armour. When I saw this post by Brett Hershman I was automatically intrigued and I wanted to read it with an open mind, but every time I see “Under Armour” my first thought is poor marketing and no storytelling.

As I continued reading the post by Hershman I realized, “he gets it.” At the end of the Source link article he states:

“UA has a good opportunity on the national stage in the west to build their pipeline, but they can’t have many design missteps right now,” added Hershman. “They need good athletes but also need shoes that the kids are going to want to wear, and they need another signature shoe line beyond Curry.”

UA has countless great opportunities, but they aren’t capitalizing on their opportunities. They have had the slowest roll out of possible growth opportunities I’ve witnessed for a billion dollar company. Curry has seen three models now. Anyone reading this would be extremely hardpressed to name another Under Armour NBA athlete. When you look at Nike Kobe retired and Kyrie has become the next in line and now Paul George is looking at a signature shoe. Under Armour hasn’t even updated their own roster page on their site.

Why Under Armour Needs to Diversify Its NBA Roster ASAP

More important Under Armour is focusing on everything except product it seems. They aren’t producing the shoes kids want to wear. At this moment in sneakers the trend is retro (UA can’t do anything about this), but the trend is also running and casual and I’ve been discussing their missteps over and over and Hershman nails it.

Quick question, if Curry gets hurt tomorrow, who becomes the face of Under Armour?

Use the Source link to read the article.