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How Under Armour Stole Christmas and The New Year

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No need to pray, you two have become Jordan and Bo Jackson for Under Armour

The subtitle here should be, “without even trying.”  In the sneaker world for the last few years Nike has dominated the Christmas season. They have consistently released highly coveted kicks the day after Christmas, while dominating the days before Christmas with the release of the Air Jordan 11 Retro.  Those of us who check for the Christmas release this year (2015) really aren’t going crazy over the Nike releases or any Christmas release. After two 220.00 dollar drops by Nike in the Air Jordan 6 Retro Maroon and the Air Jordan 11 Retro 72-10, we are all kind of just holding our pockets saying, “Those are going to sit Nike. We will wait for them to hit sales racks or clearance racks.”

This has been further compounded with the fact that as of 7:51pm Christmas night all of Nike/Jordan Brands premier guys took Ls. KD and Westbrook lost to the Bulls. Jimmy Butler is Jordan Brand, but let’s be honest we don’t even count that. Love and Lebron lost to the Warriors. Throughout the games on Christmas there were commercials. The commercials were dope, and Nike literally dominated the commercial breaks, but in my head the company that didn’t have a shoe spot at all stole Christmas like the Grinch.

Nike pulled out of all of the stops to show that they have more players than everyone else in a dope spot featuring the stars on their roster.

Their strongest spot though was not even their spot. It was a Samsung commercial featuring the music of Public Enemy and Nike’s Lebron James. This spot was incredible for one reason. Public Enemy has been so anti-establishment that this commercial shouldn’t exist. It even has Chuck D speaking at the end of the spot. While Nike didn’t make the spot it definitely felt like a Nike spot, but let’s be honest when your guy loses the game to Steph and his commercial about Muscle Milk… You have to feel some kind of way.

What’s even worse is the fact that Steph Curry and the Warriors dug a hole into the top teams in the East and then did the same to the West in thumping the Spurs. So if you want to get technical Under Armour tapped ass on  this list of people:

Cavaliers = Kyrie, Lebron and Nike

Bulls = Jimmy Butler and Jordan

Spurs = Kawhi (sorry bro I know we share the same college and you aren’t a loudmouth…) and Jordan Brand

To compound that Cam Newton and Panthers have rolled to an MVP season and a Super Bowl. I mean the NBA and NFL are both dominated by Under Armour MVPs!!!!! Add to that Under Armour has signed “the Rock” and if they can get Ryan Coogler to direct some UA spots ala Spike Lee and Wieden and Kennedy for Nike…