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How Will Under Armour Layoffs in Connected Fitness Shape The 1Q 2017 Conference Call?

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Under Armour lays off two-dozen in Connected Fitness unit

Source: Under Armour lays off about two dozen in Connected Fitness unit

Yesterday, I spent a bit of time discussing my predictions for the upcoming conference call from UA. In that post I discussed that digital would be at the forefront.

Under Armour Announces First Quarter 2017 Earnings And Conference Call Date

As a marketing analyst I’ve been stating for about a year now that the digital acquisitions, which started in 2013, required more attention to detail. I also have stated that the attention has undercut marketing and product advancements in Footwear, specifically Curry. In an attempt to account for the investment and time placed into technology UA decreased engagement with the Curry brand from Curry 1 with 16 campaigns to only 1 campaign for Curry 3. As a direct reflection of the shift in focus the Curry line has stumbled.

Now this article is stating that UA is trimming the fat. It’s not a massive layoff, but the timing couldn’t be worse with an upcoming 1Q report and investor confidence shaken.

I initially stated that the stock has bottomed out and will hold steady after the conference call. Now… I’m not so sure. This is something that will be interesting to watch.