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I Forgot About Greats, but Here is a Reminder

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The new footwear brand designing classically inspired sneakers for men and women using luxury high quality materials. Offering free exchanges and returns.

Source: 8 Reasons Why Your Next Shoes Should Be Greats

I originally dropped a post on Greats back in 2015. Like most sneaker sites I haven’t checked in on the brand since then. Part of it is like I said in my original post on the company (see that below); I was being a hater.

Dope S–t I Like: Greats Brand

Now that I’m officially out of the “trying to make my own shoe biz” I can get back to copping a variety of shoes. It’s time for me to finally give Greats a shot and with the upcoming change in seasons maybe I will go for something casual from the premium line like the Hirsh: a chukka styled shoe; or the Pronto a runner with a premium build.

The Hirsh - Dune

The Pronto - Nero

Either way you can expect me to replace my Cole Haans with a pair of these as soon as I earn enough Lyft money, lol.

Seriously, I’m glad I rediscovered the brand while browsing Linkedin and running across this article explaining the top 8 reasons you should be rocking with the Greats. One of the reasons states,


Greats cut out the middleman by offering sneakers direct-to-consumer through the Internet, saving half the cost of a $400 luxury sneaker just by skipping the retailer. Those savings then get passed directly on to you. The result? Hand crafted luxury at an accessible price.

The Pronto and Hirsh are both high end, but much cheaper than a pair of Allen Edmonds which honestly I had to give up wearing the Doubleday loafers that cost me 300! (I bought those when I was ballin’.) You can pick up a pair of the Rosen for 59 though,the shoes in the picture at the top, and those have a Vibram outsole.

Take a moment to use the source link to visit the site. I don’t have a referral code, but if you buy a pair hit me and make me feel like I accomplished something. You’re welcome.

The Rosen - Cargo

The Rosen – Cargo