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Source: adidas Originals NMD_CS1 Parley

It doesn’t matter if this is marketing or just a commercial play by adidas, I know how much damage I did as a sailor to our oceans. At the end of each day we would assemble on the fantail for garbage dump. Think about this, I was at see for six months at a time. Almost everyday of the cruise we went to the fantail and threw our garbage over the rails in the undertow. We had almost 7000 sailors on our carrier. There are always about ten active carriers on both east and west coast cruises dumping garbage into the oceans. As proud as I am of my service, this troubles me, so any time I see something from adidas on Parley I share it. It doesn’t matter that it’s for a commercial item. The Parley Project draws attention to the garbage patch problem that hurts the environment. They may not utilize much in the footwear and jerseys, but it’s a start. If Parley and adidas wanted to really dig into solutions they would begin by developing a compactor for the ship and introducing a recycle program for the U.S. Navy. That would be a good thing. You can use the source link to read more. Here are a few more pics of the City Sock NMD x Parley below.