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If Basketball Sales Are Dead Why Is The Kyrie Selling?

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Data is data, is data, is data. However in statistics numbers can say whatever you want them to say. The sales data shows a decline in the sale of basketball footwear and that is true. This is also why “Nike Brand Pres Trevor Edwards: company sees “great energy” in basketball. Kyrie 3 is top seller.”

Nike can state this without explaining that the trend isn’t with basketball. However in this article I wrote recently I explained that there aren’t any trends, there is only meeting the customer where they are. Sales data isn’t quite concise and it doesn’t give a reason for the decline. The sales data also fails to explain why there is an anomaly like the Kyrie Signature line. What tends to happen is people who have the information are going to simply predict that the Kyrie 3 sales will slow down because it’s not on trend. The problem is the Kyrie 3 will slow down because Nike will fail to maintain the content creation they initiated with the shoe. I have two articles to share with you. First is a post that explains how much has gone into marketing Kyrie. This post doesn’t even address the viral Uncle Drew that was created by Pepsi, which also helped brand Kyrie and make him popular with the internet generation. It also doesn’t speak towards the 120 dollar price and 100 dollar price for kids Kyrie shoes. Those articles are on the site, but not listed here.

Nike Basketball Opens KY’s Records at 306 Bowery Shows Retail Trend Shift

The next article I want to share is why basketball sales have slowed. While I create discussion points on how basketball could improve I overlooked why they have been in decline and in this post I explain why there has been a decline, I also explain how it can be improved.

Why I’ve Been Wrong About Basketball Shoe Sales Recovering

Why am I writing this post if I have all of this information that explains what’s happening? I saw a statement made by a prominent footwear analyst stating that the Kyrie will die because it isn’t on trend. The problem is if this comment is based on data and the fact that no other basketball footwear is selling well, it’s not a complete assessment.

Nike does an excellent job with Nike Basketball and the Twitter feed. They are promoting and creating information. However there is not a dedicated Content area for Nike Basketball on Nike’s website. Nike Basketball is integrated into the website with all other info on Nike releases. Nike created a completely separate content site for Jordan Brand on its site and on The only Nike Basketball product to receive multiple campaigns has been the Kyrie.

In the post above I explain how Under Armour produced no in store marketing for the Curry 3 and that they only produced one spot for Steph Curry since October.

adidas has only created one campaign for Damian Lillard, zero for D Rose, and spotty promotion of James Harden.

In short, the storytelling and content creation behind Nike Basketball over the last year has been horrible. The last three years the only promotion and storytelling for Nike Basketball has been with the All Star Game and Christmas Day releases, but there wasn’t a true campaign around any of the products just the NBA narrative propelling the footwear which has seen a decline in television viewership.

I said this in the “Why I Was Wrong” post, there aren’t any trends, only follow ups and copying of what kids are doing when the kids/young adults promote a particular lifestyle. That lifestyle used to be heavily influenced by television and print. NBA and NCAA basketball was the promotional tool, but those mediums are in decline. Slam Magazine and Dime Magazine print and online no longer reach people as much as they once did. The increase of footwear brands, and this is important, gives people more options. The final element of why Kyrie is on trend has as much to do with his Uncle Drew persona created by Pepsi, as it has to do with Nike’s storytelling integration with Foot Locker and their early consistent pop-up and viral videos for the Kyrie. Think about this, the LeBron hasn’t had a campaign in store or elsewhere for years. Even on this past Christmas the only player to have a feature spot was Kyrie.

If the marketing hits the kids where they are, the “trend” shifts.

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