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If KD Told You About His Kicks Would You Buy Them?

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When you hit the mall to shop for sneakers, wouldn’t it be great if Kevin Durant himself could whisper all about his Nike KD9 shoes in your ear? Well, now he can, at more than 300 Foot Locker locations nationwide.

Source: Foot Locker Learns a Move From Museums, Launching In-Store Sneaker Audio Tours | Adweek

In my daily browsing I come across the craziest stuff. Have you ever visited a museum and they offer you the headphones so you can basically do a self guided tour? Foot Locker is enhancing its storytelling from just merchandising through individual brand stores inside of their stores to allowing you to hear straight from your favorite signature baller about the kicks that you’re checking out.

Think of it like hitting up a Barnes & Noble, visiting the music section, using the barcode scanner with the headphones to listen to your favorite album. It’s a unique experience that serves to accomplish what the brands themselves are doing to enhance the brick and mortar experience. Use the source link to check out the details on Adweek.