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Ignore that Concession Speech…

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Okay, when you are frustrated and a little tired, you say things that you really don’t mean. ARCH is no longer on hiatus. I am actively working to get ready for another Kickstarter launch. The last time around I failed to make a video and I think a video may have helped. More important, the previous launch was far too short and didn’t have enough time to really reach more people. I launched before Christmas. That’s a time where people are saving to buy gifts for family and everyone is watching every penny. No one is really looking to pledge, they are focused on Family.

This time I’m launching at the beginning of February. I am going to allow the project to run for 30 days. This will give me two pay periods and tax time when people are feeling a bit more generous, lol. I have begun to work on a new design and I think this time around things will end a little different.

I hope those of you who supported me on the first go around will join me again. I hope those of you wanted to donate will support the movement. I am only looking at raising 5,000 to make 150 pair run of the Kickstarter colorway shoes. Of course I hope that the support at the “give what you like” level will get ARCH funded so that I can generate more shoes, but one step at a time.

Look forward to updates on the video shoot soon. It will be two minutes of what I hope will inspire you to join the movement.

Stay Motivated

Chris B.