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#Impretty | Under Armour Concept Is Beautiful But…

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Source: #Impretty | US

The launch of the #Impretty campaign by Under Armour yesterday coincided with Women’s Day, but in typical Under Armour fashion they failed to capitalize on the momentum.

It’s as if someone in house simply doesn’t get that viral isn’t viral anymore. You have to pay to play and then you have to sustain and reinforce a campaign via ads. You can’t simply create and drop it into the world. Artists create and drop things into the world because they are artists and they don’t have the financial ability to generate interest and articles. A billion dollar company however should be much more intelligent about a campaign that is as beuatifully structured and presented as the #impretty project.

What’s worse is that there isn’t a social cause attached to the project via the web page. In this time, just saying “I’m Pretty But…” isn’t enough. It has to be “I’m Pretty and I support…”

The images and artwork are astonishing, but the misstep is evident. In the video below the 39 second spot is presented in black and white creating a matter of fact approach. The pops of mint highlight the elegance of women and the words signify the strength. Unfortunately the video has only been watched 1256 times on YouTube. Why? Because UA didn’t run an ad and you simply have to run ads for video and as I stated earlier the video doesn’t drive connection. There aren’t any end boxes/annotations or cards to drive engagement with the video. There isn’t a “reason” behind the video. The project feels incomplete which has been a common theme with UA’s marketing.

Incredible campaign concept, poor execution. Clicking on the source link on the site doesn’t provide me with a story, the words of an athlete, or a mission of some type. The site simply takes me to a tee shirt.