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Inner Circle – The Trace Runner Shark Silhouette Deconstructed 

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Source: Inner Circle

Guillaume Philibert’s, the founder of Filling Pieces, childhood obsession of taking apart consumer products to see their inner workings, and the consequent learnings on each parts function and the final reassembly process, the design team explored the functional elements that went into making the perfect shoe informs the creation of the latest concept from FP.

In all honesty I’ve never picked up a pair of the FP shoes. Often when it comes to my shoe selection when I discovered a new brand it was during my time operating ARCH as a brand so I only wore my shoes. I stopped running ARCH as a brand and it’s allowed me to be more open to brands that aren’t in the mainstream, but I haven’t picked up a pair from Filling Pieces although I think the quality on the shoes is incredible. The brand is carried at one local boutique shop that I very rarely think about visiting as there is a feeling that some of the items in the shop aren’t quite right. I digress.

It’s incredible to witness when a founder is taking the time to discuss and educate on the creation process.

This deconstructed model and the process of creation feels more genuine to me than Abloh’s “The Ten” series. I understand that the market thinks that collection is the epitome of fashion design, but this is a lot more impressive to me. It’s a silhouette born from the mind of founder. It’s not a recreation of an existing shoe that is a timeless classic. It’s what I call a flower project. This is from a seen to the first blossom and it’s extremely dope to see how the work is done. Use the source link to see more colorways and check out this video and subscribe to the FP YouTube page.

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