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Inside Hoops: Adidas Failed The WNBA

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The WNBA Post Season is almost here. Who knew this? This is one of those instances where I actually side with the marketing ability of Nike against another company on a public forum. In this type of op-ed post, I have to note that I won’t go in depth and break down everything I think is wrong with the WNBA. This is the 20th season. The league is still in its infancy and just out of the teens, so I should lay the blame for my lack of knowing WNBA players on the NBA and the stupid decision to have the ladies game played in the summer and early fall. I should also place the blame on the NBA for failing to incorporate the women’s game into the Men’s season, which would create greater revenue options, more player recognition, marquee duo match ups that would feature Maya Moore and Karl Anthony Towns on a bill, and a two for one scenario 20 games a season for fans… not to mention a split jersey option for Jimmy Butler/Cappie Pondexter (I know the color clash would be awful, but a home jersey mashup would be kind of dope.)

I think the primary reason for the WNBA not becoming as high profile as the NBA over the last 20 years is due to the NBA failing to understand how powerful the NBA brand is and that creating doubleheaders during the NBA season would break attendance records for WNBA games while actually speeding up the NBA game.

If I get into this topic however, I forget why I’m blaming adidas. The recent success of adidas is built on the classic RUN-DMC adidas of the 80s: Place the emphasis on entertainment and fashion. Nike has always remained committed to SPORTS marketing. The athlete is everything and Nike presents the game this way. The NBA did a massively poor job (my alternative way of saying shitty) of promoting the women’s game. Once again, that’s for another article. I’m focused on the last 10-15 years of shitty adidas marketing. Here is a brand that has Candace Parker, Candace Parker!!!!!!! The most marketable woman in the WNBA and during this NMD and Yeezy hype we haven’t seen one ad featuring Candace. We haven’t seen anything from adidas that makes the WNBA a more attractive sporting event. I know this is the last year of the adidas contract, but if you want to sell more women’s NMDs and really do something with this Avenue A concept: wouldn’t now be a perfect time to get some damn photo ops with the adidas ladies of the WNBA?

Next year when Nike becomes the uniform provider for the NBA, the WNBA will be right there with them. I wouldn’t hesitate to think that the amount of money Nike is spending ( 1 BILLION DOLLARS (That’s in my Dr. Evil voice) will possibly wipe out the obvious jersey marketing on the WNBA jerseys and create a more streamlined approach. What I know for a fact will happen though is Nike will take the time to create athletic apparel inspired by and for women athletes and you know who will be featured in those ads? The ladies of the WNBA. Mark my words.

(You know what’s funny, but not really? I did a search for Candace Parker and more pics of her in Nike showed up than they did in adidas.)