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Insider Hoops: PODCAST: WNBA star Candace Parker joins adidas Group’s Mark King

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Source: adidas NEWS STREAM : PODCAST: WNBA star Candace Parker joins adidas Group’s Mark King

“The biggest thing is your mindset and just how you handle failures and obstacles and things that are thrown your way – whether it be something major like an injury or whether it be something as minor as having an off-shooting night. [You have to] study how people are able to bounce back and continue to stay true to their talents and also improve their weaknesses … I think that’s been the biggest thing in my maturity as a player – being okay with not succeeding and doing something about it and challenging yourself to put the time in to get better at it.” –Candace Parker

I wrote this yesterday:, today adidas shared the Source link above. Thanks for listening adidas. You may not have maximized your use of the WNBA, but you can get started. If you do something memorable tying the last 20 years together for the upcoming post season, it would pay huge dividends for you although you lose the contract next season.

If you are listening again, do some epic shit for the WNBA. I want a dope ass commercial with James Harden, (not D Rose dude got a little bit of a problem with the rape case and I wouldn’t promote his ass at all until that shit is solved), but Andrew Wiggins should be on their saying something like, ” Above the Rim is where we play and you love it, but the beautiful game is when a bucket is scored without the ball ever touching the floor. The assist (cut to some dope ass passes and buckets) and then cut to Candace Parker catching the assist from Harden and she can say, “Adidas celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the WNBA. It’s playoff time.” She walks away wearing some fresh ass NMDs or UltraBoosts and apparel.

If you’re reading this again, do that shit and pay me later. Click the link to listen to the podcast with Candace.