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Insider Ties: 3 Reasons Nike Ads Are More Effective

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The Swoosh may have the secret sauce for grabbing people’s attention. Image via Footwear News

Source: New Study: Nike’s Ads Are the Most Effective | Footwear News

Everyone say it together, “Nike is a marketing company that sells sneakers.” This article from FN gives Ace Metrix feedback to show that Nike kills its competitors with emotional appeals to the consumer.

There is an inspiring trend shift in footwear happening. People are actually considering other brands before going straight for the Swoosh. This has opened the door and if you take a minute to look at the Dope S–t section of this site, you will find at least 20 new footwear companies you’ve probably never heard of before.

Although this resurgence is taking place Nike simply understands how to connect its product to the people in a meaningful manner.

What are the three reasons Nike ads perform so well?

  1. Nike understands story telling and the importance of imagery. Take for instance Nike’s recent Paralympic portfolio. No other company took the athletes and placed them front and center of their News Blog. Which leads me to the next reason.
  2. Nike understands the importance of content to their overall branding efforts. Take for instance the UAS (Under Armour Sports) recent launch at NYFW. The company immediately made available the line and they have been running Google Ads and Facebook Ads since the line dropped. During that time they’ve garnered 3624 likes on their Facebook page, 6864 Followers on Instagram.  What Nike understands is that the content on your site has to be updated daily and that the images although they will have powerful athletes, the people are not unnatural, stoic, runway models staring blankly at the camera. More important Nike would have taken each item and created a narrative around the item attached to its athletes. This content would have been shared on Nike News which is updated daily.
  3. Nike realizes EMOTIONS create purchases. There is a reason in the latest Russell Westbrook video for the Air Jordan XXX1 the camera pans and shows that the sky is the limit and everything is in slo-mo. More important Nike understands the subtle attack. The statement some run was made after Westbrook’s teammate (KD) left to join the Warriors. Nike was bold enough to take a dig at its own family member. Under Armour on the other hand hasn’t utilized their athletes in the launch of a new line and more important, they have done absolutely nothing to offset KD to Steph’s team. I’m speechless.

Check out the Source link to get the F/N opinion on why Nike ads are better. Shoe companies, call me if you want to get your shit together.