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Insider Ties: Adidas Forces Nike to Adapt – The Comfort Credo

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The Nike Roshe Two Flyknit is available via the Nike Tech Book in all markets besides North America on August 25. It will be available in the SNRKS App, at global retailers and via the Nike Tech Book in North America on September 1.

Source: Nike News – The Comfort Credo

When the Roshe dropped it was a game changer. It was Nike stepping away from touting technology as the greatest thing about the company. It was a step away from silly colorways and gaudy, and bulky basketball wear as the leader of the pack. The Roshe was a simple shoe that literally paved the way for adidas to come back to the forefront… okay that was kind of extreme, but not really.

I mean think about it, if there isn’t a Roshe, is there a Yeezy? If there isn’t a Roshe is there an NMD? My answer is no. The problem is Nike released the shoe years ago and instead of spending time developing the next Roshe (like they do with the basketball lines) they sat on the Roshe, and then the Roshe began to sit on shelves. People buy Roshes, but the NMD and Yeezy are now more coveted selling at Jordan resell prices.

Nike has finally changed up and released the Roshe 2, but I think it may be a little late. Let me know if I’m wrong and let me know what you think. Click the source link to see more pics: