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Insider Ties: adidas Originals- The Last Encore

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Source: adidas NEWS STREAM : adidas Originals- The Last Encore

Adidas is making sure that they don’t rely solely on the bump that Kanye has provided by staying tightly linked to Hip-Hop. Nike made abundantly clear that they are not pursuing the push towards linking with emcees. They are an athletic company. Adidas recently revealed a 25% increase in sales in the U.S. While the numbers are not as large as Nike’s total during the same quarter when you look at this with Under Armour’s growth in this recent quarter (peep my last Insider Ties video) and Nike should be concerned.

The Last Encore event (click the source link above to read more) was not just a marketing event, it was a hip-hop concert featuring King Push and Mr. Panda as well as the legendary DJ Clark Kent. Nice job adidas. See more pics on the source link.